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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The cover for Madonna's new album...HOT Posted by Picasa

A moment of silence for Valerie Cherish... Posted by Picasa

Who said Burnsville isn't cool?

That's right....Alicia, Laura, Julie and friends, aka the "Right Ons", have discovered a little diamond in the rough (the rough being Burnsville): Music Trivia Night at Champs (located right next to the strip mall with SportMart). A big HOLLA back to all my Minny peeps for coming through and winning last night and taking home the $100 prize. I'm still in a slight state of shock from Alicia and Julie's uncanny knowledge of music trivia. Who knows that Anita Ward sang "Ring My Bell"???? I mean, HONESTLY! I'm not gonna lie....I was a little scared.

Valerie Cherish

I was deeply saddened last week when I heard that the HBO program, The Comeback, is being cancelled. This is a HUGE mistake by HBO, seeing as The Comeback is one the smartest comedies in television history. Lisa Kudrow plays the role of Valerie Cherish brilliantly and is completely HYSTERICAL. If you ever seen this show and love it as much as I do, please take a moment to sign this online petition to SAVE VALERIE!
And this site is dedicated to saving Valerie.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The amazing sunset in Ia on Santorini Posted by Picasa

Pellagallo!!! Posted by Picasa

Very tan, in pool at Katikies Hotel in Santorini. Check the view! Posted by Picasa

Two hotties in Santorini Posted by Picasa

An obvious attempt to capture an image of the hot guy's ass standing behind me. Priceless.  Posted by Picasa

Me, in Daria's Beach Hat (Note: Me wearing favorite t-shirt of the summer)! Also note, guy in background looks like he has a huge hard-on! LOL Posted by Picasa

A shot of our favorite beach in Mykonos, Elia.  Posted by Picasa

Greek Shenanigans

Well, it was a wet, wild, and slippery time in Greece...so many stories and not really enough space on my blog to tell them all. Glenn and I had an amazing time. The weather was perfect, the food delicious, and the boys HOT. Work has been crazy since I returned, hence the lack of postings. Sorry to all those who look to my blog for daily advice, inspiration, and guidance....I know there are so many ;)
Hope you enjoy these pictures.