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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Why Microsoft sucks...

Come on Bill....don't be such a hater. Out of nowhere and at the last minute, Microsoft withdrew its support from proposed legislation banning discrimination against gays and lesbians in Washington State. Advocate.com reports.
The best part: On Friday the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center asked Microsoft to return a civil rights award it gave the company in 2001. Those Queens were feeling extra BITTER.

Thanks to Brynn....

I was informed of the following interesting tidbits (and hopefully Brynn is reading my blog right now)....
Brynn recently went to the Bodyworlds exhibit in Chicago. I saw this a few years ago in Germany and it totally freaked me out. It's basically dead people mounted like hunted animals, oh, but, their skin is gone, so you can see on their muscles, etc. So, if you are in Chicago, check it out.
Also, Brynn directed me the website of a friend, David Cicconi. He worked as the Photo Editor of T & L for years and now he's in Europe, traveling about and taking photos. My favs are 1,2, and 3.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Burn in Hell Cingular

I hate Cingular Wireless. I was just on the phone with a Customer "Care" rep and he told me that an address to send complaint letters to DID NOT exist. I asked for his manager about 20 times and he of course told me one was not available (as their little guide book probably tells them to). Then, he proceeded to hang up on me. I called back and a different rep gave me the address. I hate Cingular Wireless....oh, and dumb people.

Cheers to Complaining

Case in Point #1:
Glenn flew first class a couple months ago to Miami and they didn't have his entree choice (chicken of course) and only had the pasta option. I'm sure both were nasty, but the point was that they didn't have his choice. He subsequently complained to American and they gave him a $150 credit for a future flight. He also had the option of 5,000 miles, but duh, he took the $150 credit.

Case in Point #2:
There is a bar, Lava Gina (say it fast a few times, ha, ha,...whatevs) that has a live salsa band on Tuesday nights. I fucking hate them. It's SO loud and it plays until about 1 am. It literally sounds like they are playing in my living room. I'm on the third floor and bar is on first floor right directly beneath me. Of course, the owner of Lava Gina lives above his bar on the second floor. How convenient. fucker. Anyway, I complain every Tuesday to the "Quality of Life Hotline" and I just got a letter from the New York City Dept of Environmental Protection. They are fully coming to my apt to take a decibel reading. Finally, something gets done in NYC.


This is a great site for travel. It searches a ton of other sites and also Jet Blue and other low fare airlines.

It's true, I'm a huge slacker

Why is it that I'm always writing about how I'm such a slacker when it comes to blogging??? This really all has to come to an end....not my blog, but my slackerness. Yes, a new word for the day.
Many of you already know, but I have to reiterate that I'm in love with www.craigslist.com. I'm trying to sell my futon, so if anyone in the NYC area is interested, check it out. I finally decided that it's time to sleep on an actual bed. What? College ended almost five years ago?? Well, not for me it didn't. I've been sleeping on this thing ever since I moved to NYC in January 2001.

Cheers to Laura for posting something to her blog about every 9 minutes. God damn Laura....stop making the rest of us look bad!!! Really though, I still need to figure out how to post pictures. Love your postings about travel. Seatguru.com is truly the best site out there.

T & L just had a great article in it's March issue about frequent flyer programs. It's a must read.